Voucher Bills in Senate Education

The Senate Education Committee is scheduled to take up some of the voucher bills at its hearing on Thursday, March 26, 2015. We wanted to bring this to your attention as soon as possible, as we know many of your districts and school board members have taken action on similar proposals that have been filed in previous sessions.

The bills are:

§  SB 276  by Campbell, Donna  Relating to state savings and government efficiency achieved through a taxpayer savings grant program administered by the comptroller of public accounts.

§  SB 4  by Taylor, Larry  Relating to school choice programs for certain students eligible to attend public school.

§  SB 642  by Bettencourt, Paul  Relating to a franchise or insurance premium tax credit for contributions made to certain educational assistance organizations.

The MCA summaries of the bills are attached along with the text of the three bills.  We will send the official hearing notice as soon as it is posted.

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Posted By : Rebecca Flores ~ 3/23/2015 1:02 PM
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