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At MCA’s one-stop policy shop, you will get answers to questions regarding the gamut of school policy topics including school finance, accountability, administration and governance, safety, and legislation. 

You will also be equipped with timely news, models, legislative updates, and top-rate information from policy briefings. Services available to TSPN members include: 

Financial Modeling

Moak, Casey & Associates continues its tradition of financial modeling and revenue estimation. As a TSPN member, you can receive revenue estimates and models to help you keep track of the impact that House Bill 3 and ever-changing property values have on your district’s revenue. Gain insight into how new elements of school finance, such as statewide and district-level property tax compression and census-data based compensatory education allotment, affect your budgets. Through TSPN, we also offer FIRST rating consultation.

Accountability Updates

Accountability rules and policies are in flux. Our accountability team will help you track the TEA-rulemaking, release of accountability data and ratings, and understand the influence your academic performance has on your funding.

Geocoding for Compensatory Education Allotment Calculations

MCA will assist members with geocoding their educationally disadvantaged students, as required under HB 3. Our process utilizes several different geocoding tools to ensure the highest match rate for your district. Additionally, now that this allotment is based on ever-changing demographic data, this service includes a sensitivity analysis that identifies block groups whose funding tier could change in future years. 

Financial and Accountability Analyses

MCA will provide consultation regarding your district’s finances or academic ratings. Feel free to call us anytime when you’re a TSPN member. We will be happy to get to the bottom of whatever issue you’re facing.

Policy Advising 

Throughout the interim and the legislative session, policy issues emerge. MCA will offer timely video conferences on developing public education policy issues, as well as provide comprehensive school policy bill review  and rulemaking updates to inform you on TEA and other State policy decisions.

Seasonal Workshops and Webinars 

We recognize that there are seasons to the work you do. Preparing for budget calculations, the release of A-F ratings, and the implementation of legislative policies requires more intense review. MCA is here to help and guide you; we will offer seasonal workshops and webinars to TSPN members embarking on these critical processes.

State Finance News Briefings

Receive updated information regarding the State’s revenue streams and legislation that affects sources of State Aid and local property taxes.

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To register for the Texas School Policy Network, click here.