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Dr. Curtis Culwell

Curtis Culwell, Ed.D. joined Moak, Casey and Associates after serving as superintendent of the Garland ISD for the past 14 years. He has more than 23 years of experience as a Texas public school superintendent, previously serving at Lubbock ISD and Pittsburg ISD. Dr. Culwell has also been appointed to numerous statewide commissions, including the 2010 Select Committee on Public School Weights, Allotments and Adjustments and the 2006 Tax Appraisal Committee, which reviewed the tax appraisal system for the entire state. In his tenure at Garland ISD, the district was cited for its efficiency and student productivity by numerous groups, including the Broad Foundation. Dr. Culwell has twice been elected as president of the Texas School Alliance and also serves as a member of the State Board of Teacher Certification.