HB 3 in 30: Extended Year Incentive

HB 3 in 30

The Texas Education Agency released a new video in its “HB 3 in 30” series on October 17th covering the new extended year incentive.

A summary of the information provided by Moak, Casey & Associates, as well as additional materials from TEA, can be found below in the Downloads section.

You can find links to our summaries of previous videos in the table below:

HB 3 in 30 Video 

Date Released

Budget Planning for Teacher Compensation 6/27
Tax Rate Changes 7/3
Compensatory Education 7/11
Pre-Kindergarten 7/18
Recapture 7/25
Current Year Values/Fast Growth Allotment 8/1
CCMR: Outcomes Bonus 8/8
Do Not Hire Registry 8/15
Career and Technical Education

Small and Mid-Sized Districts Allotment

Gifted and Talented

Charter School Funding

Special Education and Dyslexia Allotment 9/5
Reading Programs 9/12
Board and District Goal Setting 9/19
Bilingual Education Allotment 9/26
Teacher Incentive Allotment 10/3
Blended Learning Grant 10/10

TEA will release its next video on October 31st regarding the new teacher mentoring program. If you have specific questions you want them to address, submit those as soon as possible to the agency's HB 3 address: hb3info@tea.texas.gov

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Posted By : Josh Haney ~ 10/18/2019 1:15 PM
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